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Semi Surface

Semi Surface





The Quick Change frame with Quick Change pad installed

is shown at the left.


This assembly is comprised of three parts, the G-10 frame that mounts permanently to the platten, a G-10 pad holder and the pad mounted to the pad holder.


The pad and pad holder assembly are held in place with the four tabs around the edge.


The pad and pad holder can be removed and replaced in less than one minute.


             The Quick Change Polishing Pad removes the hassle of stripping the old pad from the polishing platen and the aggravation of installing a new polishing pad. This Quick Change system also eliminates the potential damage to the platen during the pad removal saving valuable down time and expense refinishing of damaged surfaces.

The Quick Change Pad Holder is mounted on the platen surface. The pad holder bottom surface is milled flat and air release grooves are cross-hatched into the bottom surface. The surface is then resurfaced to insure maximum flatness. The inner surface is then machined flat and parallel to the bottom surface.

A polishing pad backing plate that is similarly manufactured to control the flatness and parallelism is used to mount the polishing pad. The polishing pad is mounted to the backing plate in the convention manner with a glue layer. The polishing pad and the backing plate have four notches that hold the pad in place on the pad holder.

           The pad backing plate with pad attached are completely independent of the pad holder mounted on the platen. To change polishing pads simply remove the pad and backing plate by lifting the assembly out of the pad holder and replace it with a new assembly. The old pad can be replaced off-line with no loss of equipment production and no damage to the tool.


Advantages of the Semisurface Quick Change Polishing Pad:


Pad Holder mounting. Common production templates do not allow you to see how well the template is being mounted. Semisurface templates use a semi-opaque rigid material that allows the user to see any bumps, bubbles or irregularities in the mounting. Further, the Pad Holder has air release grooves cut into the back surface to insure that the pad holder mounts very flat to the polisher platen.


Anti-delamination structure. Semisurface Templates are designed and constructed using high temperature and high pressure techniques and materials to allow the polisher to operate at up to 68 degrees Centigrade for extended periods without delamination.


Rugged design. A rigid frame of G-10 material that conforms to Mil Spec I-24768/27 provides a high strength Pad Holder structure. A special high strength, high temperature adhesive is used to join the Pad Holder to the platen. The same adhesive is used to mount the polishing pad to the pad backing plate.


Pad Holder longevity. The rugged design of this product has proven to provide the user with a permanent system for quick pad changes. Various pads can be mounted on the pad backing plate and normal wear can be expected. However, the pad can be changed on the pad backing plate off line from the polishing operation and the pad backing plate is also constructed of rigid G-10 material.


Low cost production. This Quick Change Pad Holder system provides a method to quickly change the polishing pad without pealing the pad off the platen, scraping the glue, potentially damaging the platen, laying down adhesive and reattaching a new polishing pad. This assembly allows the pad to be replaced off-line and changed on the production line in less than one minute.


  • Better mounting for better production.
  • Built-in air release grooves to insure flat mounting of the Pad Holder.
  • Built-in air release grooves to insure flat mounting of the pad onto the backing plate.
  • Off-line polish pad mounting.
  • Quick change of polishing pads.
  • Allows polishing pad types to be changed without destruction of the used pad.
  • Ideal for experimental or University use.
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