Semi Surface

Semi Surface

Semi Surface

Low Cost Template

The New Classic (NC) template resembles the common template  available from other suppliers but it is not the same.

The NC template is built with a rigid frame of G-10 select grade material and a polyurethane poromeric insert that provides excellent water adhesion and very low compression properties. 

Our template is not a simple framed product that is weakly glued to a porous surface.

Our templates have seven layers of construction that incorporates our anti- delamination features and high temperature adhesive to deliver superior performance and the maximum process runs per template life time ratio.

NC templates can be adjusted for optimal wafer protrusion that maximizes polishing performance and minimizes wafer blow outs.

An old familiar product redesigned: with higher strength, longer life, better performance and the savings of the lowest cost per run.

New Classic templates have created a new paradigm in consumable costs.

Reliable, repeatable performance over a longer product life time reduces the cost of Wafer production and adds that savings to your bottom line.

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