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About Polishing Templates

Templates hold your part during the polishing process. Templates are sized by the polish head carrier and typically they have as many pockets as possible to hold the wafers.

With Semisurface there are really three templates that will meet any head and wafer size. Semisurface has three categories of template, each constructed in a different manner based on the material being polished.

Templates are made specifically for hard, medium or soft materials. Hard materials have a secondary process required for extended heavy polishing while soft materials require a more rigid base.

Examples of hard materials are defined as Diamond (C), Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Sapphire (Al2O3). An example of soft materials would be Germanium (Ge), Indium Phosphate (InP) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and examples of medium soft materials would include Silicon (Si) and Quartz (SiO2).

The only template that is exempt from this is the New Classic product line. This product line uses a generic size for reclaim and another for prime but all products are produced at the lowest cost for medium hard materials.

On every new application, Semisurface requests critical information to be able to provide the proper template for your application. Included in that information is a request for the type of material you will be working. This information is requested so that we can insure you receive the best tool for your job.

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